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Dedicated Recruiting Guarantees Results

[Con•Tain] Your Search

Our business model combines the benefits of a contingent and retained search.  Meaning, we treat your contingency search as though you had prepaid and retained our dedicated recruiting services.  But, you still don't pay until we perform. Therefore, if we take you on as a client, we guarantee to fill your positions quickly with the most qualified candidates available, usually within a few days.  Our average time to recruit from initial consult, to interviews and then to offer is typically 5 business days.  

Is your recruiter actually working for you?

It's the question you've wondered, right?  Recruiters have other clients competing for their time.  So, as the days pass, you wonder, "How can I guarantee that my recruiter will make me their top priority?  I need to be sure this position gets filled as quickly as possible with the best candidate."


The reality is, even great recruiters don't always deliver.  Not because they're incapable, but because they're spread too thin, naturally preferring to work on positions that are the easiest to fill in the shortest amount of time.  Great recruiting requires focus, but, that's not all.  You need to empower your business with a dedicated recruiting partner that is committed to filling your position. Someone you trust who is technically capable, who makes a commitment to you, and someone who keeps their promises.  You need exclusivity and dedicated recruiting focus without having to pay up front for a retained search.  With Empower Staffing, you get the commitment of a retained search, but at the benefit of a contingency model.  Truly the best of both worlds.

"Choosing a technology is almost child’s play compared to finding the talent to make sure it gets deployed properly. Tech is expensive, but people are more so. Especially when the technology is popular and the skills are in demand."


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Talent We Recruit



  • Application Development

  • Web Development

  • Database Development

  • Database Reporting

  • Business Intelligence

  • CRM Development

  • Business Analysis

  • QA Analysis/Testers

Technical Support:


  • Systems Engineering

  • Systems Administration

  • Network Engineering​

  • Network Administration

  • Desktop Support

  • Help Desk

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